KOP-FLEX is one of the four divisions belonging to Emerson Power Transmission (EPT), which focuses on the production of bearings, transmission systems, clutches and accessories. KOP-FLEX is a mainly focuses on the production of clutches. Division of KOP-FLEX specializes in complex engineering solutions from customer requirements analysis, to supply a particular device. After years of existence it has become a world leader with connections thanks to its range complexity of technology.


  • history of KOP-FLEX goes back to 1918, when the Fastov gear clutch first entered the market
  • Emerson has invested more than $ 2 million in production lines of KOP-FLEX in Slovakia in 2003, when the production began
  •   then bewtween July and September 2003 division KOP-Flex realized the purchase of machinery and equipment
  •  production division in Nove Mesto nad Vahom fully began in October 2003, API 671 connectors were certified
  •   In January 2004 the division received ISO 9001:2001 – certified by ABS Quality Evaluation
  •  In January 2004, the first clutch was produced for the customer
  • In July 2004, KOP-FLEX was approved as the supplier for Siemens Duisburg (the largest customer of the division)
  • In February 2005 production in Slovakia expands and produces clutches with diameter as large as 650 mm


KOP-FLEX can be proud of its factory and service center in Slovakia, which manufactures and provides services primarily of heavy clutches. Its operations in Canada, USA and now in Europe provide unique support to its customers worldwide.
The operation, which has the production on CNC machines, is designed to provide services for OEM and distributor of petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants and other customers.